Introducing the World's 1st NFC-Enabled Smart Shirts


How does Momento NFC technology work?

Momento NFC is a new technology that allows you to read and write directly to any Momento Smart product with your NFC-enabled smartphone. Using our free Momento NFC app, you can save video, audio, photos, websites, PDFs, and more right to the product for future playback.  You simply *tap* your phone's NFC reader to the tag to connect to the Momento Smart tag. It uses the same NFC technology on your phone that most contactless pay methods use.

How can Momento NFC be used?

Momento NFC technology can be integrated into a wide range of products across multiple industries.  Musicians can load their music albums and videos right to the sleeve of their concert shirt.  Build brand awareness by putting rich digital media onto postcards for a unique marketing experience.  We can also create customized business cards that can hold up to 2GB of data - such as links to social media accounts, catalogs, pricelists, contracts, and much more.  Have everything you need for your clients - right in the palm of your hand.   

How is Momento NFC technology unique?

The Momento NFC app is the only app that gives you the ability to read and write up to 2GB of data on a smart tag using a smartphone. Other users of NFC technology are limited to send links only.  Notably, Momento NFC is protected by seven (7) U.S. and international patents.

What model phones are compatible with this technology?

Momento NFC technology is compatible with any NFC-enabled smartphone (most Androids and iPhone 7 or higher).  If you are unsure whether your smartphone has NFC capability, research your phone's model and check with the manufacturer's website.  However, most smartphones now have NFC capability. 

Do users need an Internet connection when using the Momento NFC app?

Yes, access to the Internet is required to read, save and share messages if storing new content.  Please note: if loading new content and the Internet is not available, it will record and store your content locally on your phone until network is available again ("pending" queue on the app).  Then, once you have a connection again, you can continue to save it to the smart product.

How do I find my phone's NFC reader?

For iPhones, the NFC reader is always located on the top middle section of the phone.  For Android, the reader is located in one of a few places on the back of the phone (usually the middle of the phone) - it can be located by slowly moving the phone over the Momento Smart tag. If you need help locating the NFC reader on your specific Android model, check your manufacturer's website.

Help!  It doesn't work - what am I doing wrong?

First, double check to make sure you have NFC capability on your smartphone via the manufacturer's website.  While most phones have NFC capability, there are a few older models out there that do not have this capability.   If you confirm your phone has NFC, make sure the NFC setting is enabled (note: this applies for Androids only; NFC capability on iPhones is always enabled and cannot be disabled).  If it still does not work try removing your phone's case; some cases contain metal which block the NFC signal. If it is still not working, we recommend that you check to make sure that all of your operating software is up to date, try to restart your phone, and as a final step, uninstall and re-install the app.