Introducing the World's 1st NFC-Enabled Smart Shirts

About Us

Our mission is to connect the world, one smart product at a time.

We are a minority, veteran, and women-owned company that is proudly headquartered on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of O’ahu.  Our company is the first in the world with the ability to integrate Momento NFC technology into a wide range of products, turning them into smart products that allows end users to read and write digital content using Near Field Communications (NFC) capability embedded in their smartphones.  Leveraging expertise from the creator of this patented technology (master artist & inventor Chi Huynh), we teamed up several skilled, talented professionals to explore the many ways Momento NFC can be integrated into products. 
After many years of development of this technology and app functionality, Momento Smart Connect is finally here – and ready to take your company to the forefront of the digital age.

Momento NFC is a patented technology and can easily integrate into products across many different industries - the possibilities are endless. 

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